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How to keep your goals front of mind

Keep Your Goals Front of Mind - MondayMotivation PropelHer

We have all done it. You write down some goals or write a list of New Year’s Resolutions and then forget all about them. Well not anymore! Find out how to keep your goals front of mind.



Congratulations on setting a goal. You are already further ahead than lots of people, but a goal that is created and forgotten about it useless. To achieve the goal you will need to remember it so you want to keep it front of mind and how can you do that you ask. Well here are my top tips


Write your goals down every day

This was a tip I picked up from the fabulous Denise Duffield-Thomas in her book Get Rich, Lucky Bitch. She said a millionaire wrote her goal down once a day and the billionaire twice a day. Since then I have written my goals down as part of my morning routine and it is powerful. When you start your day thinking about your goals then you are more conscious throughout the day of whether your actions are aligned with your bigger goals.

Now I can already hear you saying ‘Charelle, I don’t have time to write my goals down in the morning’, but honestly, it is a few minutes and you are worth it.

Create a screensaver

Another great way to keep your goals front of mind is to change your screensaver on your phone or laptop. How many times a day do you look at your screensaver, if you are anything like me then I bet it is a lot. So why not use it to be reminding you of your biggest goals.


Set reminders

Another tip for those who are glued to their phone is to set reminders. You can set multiple alarms through the day that will pop up on your phone and provide you with a moment to pause and remember your goal.


Create a vision board

Last, but definitely, not least you can create a vision board. This is a tried and tested method used all around the world. A vision board is a visual way of representing your goals. You can create a vision board for just one goal or for all of your goals. One the board you can use a mixture of photographs, words, images from magazines, phrases and hand-drawn images. Anything that reminds you of your goals. Then you will need to put it somewhere where you will see it every day, such as in your office or bedroom.


How good are you at keeping your goals front of mind? Do comment below with any other methods you use to remember your goals.

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