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Why successful people have a morning routine and how to create your own

Creating A Morning Routine - PropelHer

Now there are certain things successful people seem to have in common and a morning routine is one of them. In this blog I am going to share with you why successful people have a morning routine and help you to create your own morning routine that you can stick to. Let’s get to it!

The saying goes that the early bird catches the worm and when it comes to successful people they all seem to have woken up, exercised, meditated and eaten a super healthy breakfast by 6am. So why is it that a morning routine supports your success?

A morning routine is important because you are starting the day how you mean to go on. As we all know success is about consistency and a morning routine means you are consistently doing certain tasks that will inevitably make you more successful and finally, by using the morning for yourself you are able to do the important things before the urgent things steal your time and focus.

Now the truth is that I am not a morning person at all and for a long time before I developed a morning routine I would feel guilty. I knew I should have a morning routine to help excel my success, but I just couldn’t face waking up any earlier. However, after forcing myself to create a routine and stick to it for a month I noticed two things. Firstly, my body was getting up that early naturally so it wasn’t an issue anymore and secondly, I felt so much better and could see it working.

Now you know why a morning routine is important it is time to create your own. If you are someone who likes to follow a ready-made system then I would recommend following The Miracle Morning. This is a 6-step morning routine created Hal Elrod. I love the routine so much that PropelHer’s Book Club has read the book and I have broken the routine down into a video series. You can watch the videos and find out more about this morning routine at

Now if you are looking for something more personalised option answer these questions

How long do I want my morning routine to last?

It is better to start small and do it every day then set yourself the challenge of waking up an hour earlier and then give up after the first week.

What exercise could form part of my morning routine?

To achieve great things you need to be physically strong so a good morning routine will incorporate a physical activity: popular choices include running and yoga. But the important thing is to find an exercise you enjoy.

How will I refuel my body?

An important part of a morning routine is refuelling your body. First, you need to hydrate and then decide on a breakfast, which is going to fuel your body and help you perform to your best.

What is important for your future?

Now this might seem an odd one, but a morning routine is about setting yourself up for the day and focusing on you. So I always encourage clients to ensure the morning routine is supporting the future they are trying to build. This could be as simple reviewing your goals, or reading an article/book in your industry. You could also try journalling or writing your plan for the day.

To meditate or not to meditate?

I couldn’t talk about successful morning routines and not include meditation. Now I am not great with meditating, but there are so many great apps and audios to guide you. So I would recommend you decide on the length of time you can commit to and then find the necessary support and give it a go.

Practice your morning routine every day

Now once you have designed your morning routine, you will need to commit to it every day for a whole month. Make it non-negotiable! Then at the end of the month, review how you feel, make changes as necessary and wha la – You are a morning sensation and will be sharing your morning routine with others before you know it.

I would love to know in the comments below what your current morning routine looks like or what new morning routine you are going to start practising.



‘How To Create A Killer Morning Routine’ will take you step-by-step through how to create your a killer morning and then stick to it. To claim the free guide fill in the form below.  

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