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Why you need to stop waiting for the time to be right

The Perfect Time To Start Is Now - PropelHer

Is there something you want to do, but you are waiting for the time to be right. You keep on saying one day I will quit my job, start a business, write that book or take that trip? Well today’s post is perfect for you as I am going to share with you why you have to stop waiting for the time to be right and act today.

Today’s post is all about why the time is never going to be right.

As many of you know goal setting is a central part of my work. I work with women to acknowledge their deepest professional desires and then support them to make that a reality. However, so many times I hear from women that the time isn’t right for them to act on their big goal.

This could be because they have children, they are single, they are married, they are trying to buy a house, someone in the family is ill, they are busy at work… and the list goes on.

It is all EXCUSES.

The truth there will never be a PERFECT TIME. There isn’t going to be a moment when work is easy, the children behave, your husband is looking after the house, every family member is healthy, no friend is having a drama and you have a massive chunk of money just sitting in the bank for you to fall back on.

If you want to make excuses you will always be able to find one.

In countless interviews with successful people, you will hear them saying “I wish I had started sooner”. “I wish I hadn’t let fear hold me back”.

And I completely understand because I was the same. For years I had been thinking about doing something to support women. Something that supported women and combined female empowerment and personal development. I registered the URL for PropelHer in March 2015 and then spent 8 months writing a business plan and didn’t do anything until November 2015, when I finally started contacting venues to hold PropelHer’s Book Club at.

When I look back now I think what took me so long? Why didn’t I take action straight away? And the answer is FEAR

FEAR – That no one would turn up
FEAR – That I wouldn’t be good enough
FEAR – About what others would think of me
FEAR – Of being a failure
FEAR – Of being different

But now when I think back I always think of that time I lost. Currently, I am planning for PropelHer’s third year and I could have been planning for it’s fourth. And that is why I want you to act on your dream today!

As Michael Curtiz said “The only things you regret are the things you don’t do.”

So go after your dream and here are some ways you can start today.


1 – Write your goal down

Whilst a goal is in your head it is just a dream, a fantasy. Admit to yourself that this is what you really want in your life and write the goal down.


2 – Tell someone else about your goal

I am a big fan of accountability and I wish that from the moment I had bought the PropelHer url I had told someone about my idea. Again it is about bringing your goal into the forefront of your life. Writing it down will help it feel more real, but telling someone else will help affirm to yourself that this is something you want and something you are going to go after.


3 – Take one action today that supports that goal

The whole purpose of this video is to inspire you to take action today. So buy your URL for the new business. Register at the gym if you want to lose weight. Sign up for a course if you need a new skill to achieve your goal. Take a concrete action that is going to start the moment going and help you on your journey.

Now, I would love to know what your goal is and what the one action you will take today is so please leave a comment below.

And if you know someone else who would benefit from this post then please do share it. This topic is really close to my heart and we all know someone in our life who has constantly talks about their big plans, but does nothing. You never know by sending them post it might just help them to realise today is the right time.

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