PropelHer's resources have been created especially to support ambitious women create more success in their life.  New resources will be added over time so do check back.


PropelHer's Goaldigger Guide
Goaldigger Guide

Success doesn't happen without a goal. This guide will help you through the multiple steps of defining your goals, creating an action plan, ensuring you keep on track and of course, celebrating once you have achieved your goals.

This guide can be used for goals in any area of your life at any time. Check it out here.


PropelHer 2016 BookstackReading List
Here you will find the complete list of PropelHer's Book of the Month. These books have been chosen specifically to support your personal development and professional success. Check out the whole list here.


PropelHer's Inner Circle
PropelHer's Inner Circle is an online community for ambitious women who are commited to their personal development to create professional success. Each month you receive a masterclass, workbook and live training. Find out more here.