Are you an ambitious woman?

Overworked and underpaid?

Have a talent that isn't being maximised?

Have big goals and want to up-level your life?

If you are ready to take your life to the next level and you want to do it quickly, then coaching could be the answer for you!

As a success coach, I help women bridge the gap between ambition and achievement. There is no reason why you can't live the life of your dreams. Anything is possible, but you have to get clear on your goals, create a plan and follow through. Dreams don't just happen, but they can come true!

If you are ready to turn your dreams into a reality check out my two coaching programmes.


Propel Me Into Success Coaching Package

This 90-day coaching programme is for women who have a burning ambition they want to realise. Whether it is to start a business, receive a promotion, change career or write a book this programme is for you?

Through the programme we will look at:

- explore your ambition and create a defined goal for moving you towards that in the next 90 days

- creating an achieveable action plan

- addressing your limiting beliefs

- strengthening your mindset and confidence

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Investment: £995 or £400 in monthly instalments




This 90-day coaching programme is designed specifically for women who want to develop as a leader. Whether you are leading a team, a tribe or an industry this programme will support you.

Together we will look at:

- clarifying your leadership goals

- finding your voice

- owning your personal brand

- raising your profile

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Investment: £995 or £400 in monthly instalments


Both programmes includes:

- A complimentary 30 minute call to ensure that I'm the right coach for you!

- 3 months of private coaching

- My custom Welcome Pack

- 12 x 50 minute sessions with me

- Email access to me between session for extra support and to keep you on track

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Are you ready to create the life you have been dreaming about?

Do you believe those goals on your list are achievable and it is time to cross them off?

Are you ready to turn one day into TODAY?

My private coaching programme is designed for women who are fed up with settling and ready to make a change.

I have been there. Another year comes around and you say this year it will be different. I will get a new job, start my own business, write a book.. and then you do nothing about it.

My coaching programme isn't for just any woman.

I am fussy with who I work with.

"Time is too short to now love what you do" and I love working with women who genuinely want to change their lives.

Over the past 6 years I have worked with artists to turn their passion into a paying profession and create business that thrives, instead of just survives. What I learnt was there are two types of people in this world.

  1. The dreamer - a person who has big dreams that are beautiful in their head but they don't actually believe they are possible.
  2. The believer - a person who has big dreams, dreams that are so big they scare them, but they believe that, although it may be hard and take some time, it is 100% possible.

If you are a believer, get in touch.

If you believe that crazy idea at the back of your head, which you have been too scared to share with anyone else, is possible then let's have a chat and make that idea a reality!


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I would definitely recommend PropelHer, especially for ambitious women who want to move forward and achieve great results. Maria

 Charelle has helped guide me in aspects of my career as a freelance movement artist. In particular, she has shed light on the idea of marketing myself on social media, which at the time was an anomaly to me. She has created questions that have allowed me to clarify my goals and the direction that I am going in. I would definitely recommend Charelle to anyone who is looking for a little structure, clarity and guidance with certain steps they are taking in their career. She is a great listener and very personable!” Asha

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